Let's register the product design.

You know that not only product technology and brand, but also eye-catching design and easy-to-use user interface determine sales.

Such good designs can be protected by design registration. To create a stronger portfolio, we recommend registering design patents along with patents and trademarks.

Fee (*Yen denominated. Estimated for basic six-view drawing only)

Procedures Details Fee Tax Total
Survey / Proposal Consultation / simple survey (* Free if making a contract) 10,000 0 10,000
Application Preparation of patent application documents / submission of application documents 60,000 16,000 76,000
Response for refusal Preparation of opinions and amendments 20,000 0 20,000
Design Patent granted Success fee / registration fee payment procedure 20,000 8,500 28,500
Consumption tax 10,000
Design patent registration acquisition total cost 134,500


The above remuneration amount is just a guide (please think that the total amount is about 140,000 yen). The estimated amount may increase or decrease depending on the content requested by the customer. Items not listed above will be quoted separately.