Start a secure transaction by making a contract

Recently, it has become possible to download various contract templates on the Internet. However, it is dangerous to be satisfied just by writing your name and address on the template.Even though you made a contract to avoid the "said" and "did not say" dispute, there is no point in making a contract if the dispute eventually arises.

It goes without saying that the contract is legally appropriate, but it is necessary to prepare the text in consideration of contracting parties' comprehension of laws.

Fee(*Yen denominated)

Service Details Fee
Writing a contract >Creation of license agreement or terms of use. * Up to 2 pages of A4. After that, increase by 5,500 yen per page. 44,000~
Contract review Review of created contracts and terms of use. * Up to 4 pages of A4. After that, increase by 5,500 yen per page 11,000~


The above remuneration amount is just a guide. The estimated amount may increase or decrease depending on the content requested by the customer. Items not listed above will be quoted separately.