If you want to register a trademark, please contact Shounan-lab.

I don't think many business owners have heard of the word "trademark registration". By registering a trademark, only those who have registered the registered trademark (company name, brand name, product name, etc.) in Japan can use it exclusively.

If you don't register the trademark, not only will your important trademark be used by a third party without permission, but the third party will register the trademark first and say "Don't use our registered trademark. if you want to use it, pay the license fee. "

Fee (*Yen denominated. Estimated when the number of classes is 1)

Procedures Details Fee Tax Total
Survey / Proposal Consultation / simple survey (* Free if making a contract) 10,000 0 10,000
Application Preparation of application documents for trademark registration / submission of application documents 30,000 12,000 42,000
Response for refusal Preparation of opinions and amendments 0 0 0
Trademark registration granted Success fee / registration fee payment procedure 20,000 32,900 48,200
Consumption tax 5,000
Trademark registration acquisition total cost 99,900


The above remuneration amount is just a guide (please think that the total amount is about 100,000 yen). The estimated amount may increase or decrease depending on the content requested by the customer. Items not listed above will be quoted separately.