Before sharing your ideas with others...

Before publishing an idea at an exhibition, business contest, crowdfunding, etc., be sure to apply for a patent for that idea. The ideas you publish are a common property of all, except when patented, and you can't complain if they are stolen. It's bad to steal ideas, but it's also an obligation for entrepreneurs to take the necessary defenses, such as patenting, black-boxing ideas, and signing non-disclosure agreements.

Fee (*Yen denominated. Estimated if the number of Claims is 7)

Procedures Details Fee Tax Total
Survey / Proposal Consultation / simple survey (* Free if making a contract) 10,000 0 10,000
Application Preparation of patent application documents / submission of application documents 150,000 14,000 164,000
Request for examination Examination request procedure / examination request deadline management 20,000 166,000 186,000
Response for refusal Preparation of opinions and amendments 80,000 0 80,000
Patent granted Success fee / registration fee payment procedure 100,000 19,200 110,500
Consumption tax 36,000
Patent acquisition total cost 595,200


The above remuneration amount is just a guide (please think that the total amount is about 600,000 yen). The estimated amount may increase or decrease depending on the content requested by the customer. Items not listed above will be quoted separately.