We accept requests for training, seminars, and lectures.

shounan-lab accepts requests for training, seminars, and lectures from companies, business cooperatives, business and industry associations, cross-industry exchange meetings, local governments, and other various organizations. The representative has many achievements in the past, such as in-house training on confidentiality of companies, training by the Kanagawa Prefectural Judicial Scrivener Association, special classes on Internet copyright at high schools, copyright seminars for civic activities in Yokohama City, etc. increase.

shounan-lab's Seminar Contents

  • Patent / Trade Secret Seminar (for companies))
  • Trademark Seminar (for companies)
  • Copyright seminar (for civic activities)

Fee(*Yen denominated)

Service Details Fee
Seminar instructor fee Intellectual property seminar by Japanese patent attorney 33,000~


The above remuneration amount is just a guide. The estimated amount may increase or decrease depending on the content requested by the customer. Items not listed above will be quoted separately.